+0.06 +2.87% Volume: 2,719,918 March 23, 2018

+0.08 +2.98% Volume: 365,025 March 23, 2018
+17.28 +1.3% Volume: March 23, 2018
-0.03 -0.18% Volume: 76 March 22, 2018
-0.04 -1.2% Volume: 989 March 22, 2018


  1. 1.How can I reach Investor Relations?

    You can phone our office toll free at 1.866.441.0690 or via e-mail at info@mcewenmining.com.

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  2. 2.In what exchanges does McEwen Mining trade?

    McEwen Mining Inc.'s common shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol "MUX".

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  3. 3.Where are your projects located?

    Our projects are located in Canada, US, Mexico and Argentina.

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  4. 4.How many shares are outstanding?

    As of September 30, 2017 McEwen Mining had an aggregate of 332,976,861 common shares.

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  5. 5.Who is your largest shareholder?

    McEwen Mining Inc.’s largest shareholder is Rob McEwen, Chief Owner, with approximately 24% of the issued and outstanding shares.

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  6. 6.Do you pay a dividend?

    Yes, McEwen Mining has an annual dividend of US$0.01 per share, paid on a semi-annual basis. The first dividend installment of US$0.005 per share was paid on August 17, 2015. Please see here the semi-annual installments.

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  7. 7.Who is your Transfer Agent?

    McEwen Mining Inc.'s Transfer Agent is Computershare. Please click here for full details.

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  8. 8.What are McEwen Mining "MUX" CUSIP and ISIN?

    CUSIP: 58039P107 ISIN: US58039P1075

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  9. 9.What are CUSIPs and ISINs of McEwen Mining predecessor companies?

    For Lexam VG Gold Inc. "LEX" or "LEXVF" - CUSIP: 52886U103 ISIN: CA52886U1030;

    For McEwen Mining - Minera Andes Acquisition Corp. "MAQ" or "MCEEF" - CUSIP: 580394104 ISIN: CA5803941049.

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  10. 10.How do I convert my Lexam VG Gold Inc. or McEwen Mining - Minera Andes Acquisition Corp. share certificate?

    You can contact Computershare, our transfer agent and registrar, at 1-800-564-6253 to speak with a Corporate Actions Specialist or you can email corporateactions@computershare.com and you will be guided through the steps of exchanging your share certificate.

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  11. 11.Does McEwen Mining participate in Direct Registration System (DRS)?

    Yes, please kindly contact Computershare to DRS your shares. Please click here for full details.

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  12. 12.How do I obtain certificates for shares I currently hold with a broker?

    Please contact your broker to make this request. Your broker will work with our transfer agent, Computershare to complete this process.

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